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Hidden Fence Training Photos : Brooks, Madison NJ

Brooks : Hidden Fence Company NJ

Here are a few photos from a recent fence training in Madison, NJ.
Watch those flags, Brooks!

Hidden Fence Training Photos : Reggie, Randolph NJ

Reggie : Hidden Fence Company

Reggie’s getting some Hidden Fence training. Look at him go!

Hidden Fence Photos : Fixing a Wire Break with Rey & Finn

Rey & Finn : Hidden Fence Company NJ

Hidden Fence Company fixed a wire break in Rey & Finn’s pet fence.

Hidden Fence Training Photos : Bella, Chester NJ

Bella, Chester NJ

Spring is Here! View some photos from training with Bella in Chester, NJ

Hidden Fence Training Photos : Dagny, Morristown NJ

Dagny, Morristown

Dagny’s having some fun in the snow, training to the hidden dog fence system.

Winter Hidden Fence Training with Maggie, Randolph NJ

Maggie, Randolph

Maggie is growing quickly! Her 15 year old Hidden Fence collar shows the value of our backwards compatible technology!

Hidden Fence Training Photos : Cadence

Cadence, Randolph NJ

Snow’s not going to stop Cadence!
Hidden Fence training in a winter wonderland!

Hidden Fence Training Photos : Goats, Flanders NJ

Goats, Flanders NJ

Did you know that Hidden Fence systems aren’t just for dogs and cats?
We’ve trained goats to the fence too!

Hidden Fence Training Photos : Luna, Florham Park NJ

Luna - Florham Park, NJ

Hidden Fence works in all year round!
Fun in the snow and hidden fence training with Luna in Florham Park!

Hidden Fence Training Photos : Maggie, Randolph NJ

Hidden Fence Customer, Maggie, Randolph NJ

Maggie’s been training to a new Hidden Fence this week in Randolph NJ!
View some photos from the training session.