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Pet Stop OT300 Identify your Collar Settings

This video will help you identify your Pet Stop collar’s current setting numbers.  With thousands of possible settings, the intent of this video is to focus on the actual numbers that you can share with Hidden Fence Company for troubleshooting…

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Pet Stop OT300 Transmitter Signal Field Check and Change

Check and adjust your Pet Stop OT300 signal field.  This is a basic first step in troubleshooting any dog fence.  And if you want to alter the distance from the wire where the pet is blocked, this video will show…

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Pet Stop Charging Station Plus for EcoLite Rechargeable Collars

If you own the EcoLite rechargeable receiver collar, there are two choices in rechargers.  This model is the full featured Charging Station Plus. The key difference between the two collars is in the feedback provided by the PLUS model featured…

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2016 was a good year at Hidden Fence Company!

Winding down the 2016 season at Hidden Fence Company. It’s been a good year!


Technology in the Hidden Fence industry continues to evolve and we expect the day to come when a GPS Dog Fence may eliminate buried wire. As of June 2015, GPS technology remains far to spotty to trust a shock device on…

Hidden Dog Fence Alarm Beeping at Transmitter

What does it mean when a Hidden Dog Fence Alarm is sounding?  How do I turn off the beeping alarm?
This video shows the alarm and quick solution to stop the the beeping, featuring the Pet Stop OT-200 transmitter:

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Invisible Fence® Service and Repairs

During the first quarter of 2014, Invisible Fence® system owners can get an additional 25% off on any regular product trade in price, for Invisible Fence® brand fence collars and fence transmitters of any age. The Hidden Fence Company is not…

Winter Hidden Fence Installation

Every winter, hopeful pet owners wait until the last minute to get their fence installed. Puppy owners want to open the door for potty trips, but not to stand in the cold and wait.  And of course, dogs need exercise…

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Main Line Animal Rescue Dog Rejected For Training

Main Line Animal Rescue

I did some training at Main Line Animal Rescue in Chester Springs Pa today. The second of 3 dogs I handled was Dallas, who immediately demonstrated an automatic sit when she saw the treat in my hand. This turns out…

2002 Revolutionary Hidden Fence Training Video

In the early years of pet containment, the training approach ran parallel to the popular basic dog training approach in the USA.  The emphasis was on strong levels of correction/discipline/punishment to stop existing behaviors. Modern training seeks to steer and…