Getting ready for winter with a Hidden Fence includes paying attention to a few common items.

Thicker Undercoats.

As winter approaches, dogs with undercoats will see those undercoats thicken to insulate the cold. Hidden Fence collars only work as intended when the collar probes are touching skin, so when seasons change, extra attention should be paid to maintaining consistent contact.

Ground Frozen Solid.

Since the ground will be frozen soon, if you are aware of any taped (temporary) connections fixed during landscaping, it is easier to dig them up, replace with permanent connector before the ground freezes. We offer our own preferred waterproof connectors here, but there are many effective and permanent types of connections, Tape is not one of them. When the ground is frozen, there is a slight shifting as the earth pitches and shifts during freezing and thawing. Taped connections get pulled, tweaked and eventually, they take on moisture and corrode. During the winter, the most difficult time to find and fix a break, is a common time for a taped connection to fail.

We recommend keeping at least one splice kit on your shelf. Wires get cut now and then and often the most handy solution is tape. Use this code to buy one or two splice kits at half price until 12-1-13. Then, let your landscapers know these are on your garage shelf. It’s a better answer for them, for you and for your pet.

Check Batteries more often.

Cold temperatures can cause batteries to drain more quickly, so stock up and check your batteries more often during cold months.

Use this special code to order a package of 3 batteries for half price for either Ultra Elite or Ultra Max receivers during November 2013 only.

Common Sense.

If you have any concerns about your Hidden Fence functionality, try our troubleshooting procedure or call for a service visit/check up.