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Quality, USA-Made Electronic Dog Fencing Products by Pet Stop®

Hidden Fence Company shopped the pet product  industry for you!

For many of our years in the pet containment business, Hidden Fence Co. has been the top installing pet fence dealer in the USA. We’ve been actively recruited by every dog fence brand you’ve heard of. Pet Stop®, made by Invisible Fence® Company founder John Purtell, is our first choice for safety and reliability in this field.

Dog Fence Receiver Collars

The EcoLite™ Rechargeable Receiver

Pet Stop’s latest model, the EcoLite™ is a tiny microprocessor-driven receiver collar, with a wide range of correction level choices great for dogs large and small. Best of all, the EcoLite is RECHARGEABLE! The built-in rechargeable battery pack lasts up to 25 years – that’s 25 years worth of battery savings!

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Invisible Fence® compatible EcoLite

EcoLite Receiver Collar

The UltraTuff Receiver

The Ultra Tuff® Receiver Collar has the same wide range of programming choices as the Ultra Elite® Receiver Collar, plus a thicker shell for households with multiple pets and potential collar chewing problems.

Built “tuff”, the UltraTuff is designed to withstand chewing, water, dirt, etc. making it an extremely advanced and reliable receiver collar.

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Invisible Fence® Compatible UltraTuff

UltraTuff Receiver Collar

The UltraElite Receiver (Series 2 and Series 1)

The UltraElite is a Pet Stop® classic, designed to work with our gentle training method and with the safety and comfort of your pet in mind.

User-friendly and highly customizable, the UltraElite is loaded with patented features to allow us to easily adjust the settings to what best suits your pet’s individual needs.

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Invisible Fence® compatible

UltaElite Series 2 & 1

The UltraMax Receiver

The UltraMax Receiver Collar, for dogs who may be a bit more stubborn and need a little more persuasion to stay away from boundaries.

The UltraMax uses a highly efficient circuit and is extremely effective at keeping pets contained. It still contains easily customizable features and works very well with our GentleSteps™ program.

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UltraMax Receiver Collar

UltraMax Receiver

The Elite SW Receiver

The Elite SW is a great collar for folks on a budget! This basic receiver collar has less settings and a thinner shell than our other receiver collars, it still has the same Pet Stop® Made in the USA reliability and quality.

The Elite SW has 3 available frequencies and 4 modulation schemes designed to keep your pet contained – less than other receiver collars, but still effective. The Elite SW IS NOT compatible with our Gentlesteps™ training.

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Elite SW Receiver Collar

Elite SW Receiver

Dog Fence Transmitters

OT-300 Transmitter

The OT-300 is our most advanced transmitter. With improved built-in lightning protection, an upgrade user-friendly programming menu, and the capacity for future upgrades via plugins and software, the OT-300 is an excellent transmitter for your fencing system. The OT-300 is easily programmable for our GentleSteps™ training method and is also compatible with Invisible Fence® receiver collars.

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OT-300 Transmitter

OT-300 Transmitter

OT-200 Transmitter

Like all of our transmitters, the OT-200 is designed to be user-friendly and easily to program. With literally thousands of settings available, the OT-200 works perfectly with our GentleSteps™ training method and is also Invisible Fence® receiver collar compatible.

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OT-200 Transmitter

OT-200 Transmitter

OT-100 Transmitter

Our most basic transmitter, the OT-100 has the same reliability and quality  as our other Made in the USA products, but has less features and is available at a lower price.

The OT-100 may not be compatible with other underground pet fencing system brands. The OT-100 system is not compatible with our GentleSteps™ training method.

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OT-100 Transmitter

OT-100 Transmitter

Indoor Transmitter

Pet containment isn’t just for outdoors! Hidden Fence Company can also provide you with indoor electronic pet containment fencing. Our indoor pet containment systems can effectively create pet-free zones within your home – keep Fido out of the kitchen or Pumpkin away from your antique china cabinet.

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RoomWizard™ Indoor Transmitter

Indoor Transmitter

Why We Chose Pet Stop®

In the age of globalization and multinational corporations, it is becoming increasingly rare to find a technology firm whose every arm is housed within a single facility (or even in the same country). Pet Stop is American-made, at a single factory where you can find everyone from the president to customer service, engineering and manufacturing under one roof, so if a problem ever arises, it is easily identified and resolved without third party blame-shifting or overseas conference calls. At this time, there are no similar pet containment manufacturers.

Pet Stop® combines American-made reliability with custom programming suited to tiny dogs and giant breeds alike! Hidden Fence Company has several 2 LB dogs on Ultra Elite Receivers, and regularly contain large, high energy and easily excitable dogs.

Products Built by the Most Experienced Team in the Dog Fencing Industry

President John Purtell is the original founder of the Invisible Fence® Company. He introduced the name “Invisible Fence®” in the 1970s. John’s experience has led to a bonanza of national dealership recruiting, and over 70% of Pet Stop dealers nationwide migrated from other brands in order to represent Pet Stop.

Pet Stop’s Chief engineer is Scott Touchton, who teamed with John Purtell when Invisible Fence® was American made in Malvern Pa. Scott’s name is still on more Invisible Fence® brand patents than any other engineer, and he designed the original computer collar for them in the early 90s.

Hidden Fence Company has a special relationship with Pet Stop®

When the Pet Stop 2 Ultra Elite® was designed, Hidden Fence owner Rich Weinssen lent a hand…literally. Rich’s hand was used to identify new, far lower shock settings to facilitate Pet Stop’s new GentleSteps training approach, which was written for Pet Stop by Rich Weinssen in 2007.