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Frequently Asked Questions about Hidden Electronic Pet Containment

General Pet Fencing Questions

Yes! You can have a fully functional Hidden Fence even when the ground is frozen. The only part of the isntallation that we cannot do during the winter is bury the wire. If the ground is frozen, we will top lay the wire and come back in the spring to bury the wire. 

This can actually be a good thing because if you decide the change the layout a bit, you can make that decision before the wire is buried.

The wire has a radio signal so it will not be hazardous to anyone on your property.

We can save you from going out into the cold weather this winter when your pet wants to go outside!




No. We are an authorized Pet Stop® provider. Hidden Dog Fence Company sells and or services all other brands as an independent pet fencing contractor. Again, to be clear:

HIDDEN FENCE COMPANY provides manufacturer warranties only on Pet Stop® brand products. Hidden Fence Company sells and or services all other brands of pet containment only as an independent contractor, including all product upgrades, exchanges, trade-ins and replacements. content

Pet Stop® pet fencing systems make us look good in the field. They are reliable, highly adjustable and make the training go better. When you combine top grade product with our professional experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, you get the best pet containment experience possible. However, you can also choose from some great economical values in the retail/premium product lines, and even put the system in yourself.

Installation costs can vary, depending on the size of the property, terrain situations, the number of dogs and other factors. If you have us do the work, you’ll benefit from over 75 years of combined local experience in the field. We’ll do it right and help you at every stage.

But many budget minded homeowners do the installation and training themselves. Are you handy and motivated? We will coach you if you buy a self install kit from us.

Fencing Product Questions

Every hidden dog fencing system we offer comes with a full lifetime warranty. The buried wire is designed to last over 20 years underground and will not break by itself.

Yes. We offer many indoor transmitters and wiring options.

“Battery backup” is available for the system that keeps the fence operating in case of a power outage.

Yes! The dog fence wire carries a coded radio signal, not an electric current.

Pet & Training Questions

Our Hidden Fence systems are used and recommended as a safe and humane solution to the everyday challenges of dog ownership by many local veterinarians and by many of your local neighbors.

No. Using our revolutionary training approach, you can train your pet on very low percentage output levels, avoiding false associations which can cause behavior issues. Most dogs seem happier and healthier with full run of the yard every day. Dogs tend to get more exercise and also more quality time with their (happier) owners.

No. We will not sell or install an electric dog fence for an aggressive dog. The only exception is when our product supports a pre-existing wooden or chain link fence. Use of corrections with aggressive dogs is not recommended – instead, we suggest you call your vet for a training recommendation.

We recommend approximately 3 months with an average pup or a little younger with more hearty pups. Pet containment systems can really solidify yard edge avoidance when trained right and trained early.

Yes. Our hidden fence pet containment systems are suitable for small dogs such as Chihuahuas, medium size dogs such as Poodles and large dogs such as Labradors.

The system works great with cats within normal behavior range.

No, pet conditioning requires consistent consequences. After removing the collar, the pet may stay contained, but the pet may challenge the fencing boundaries. To maintain the conditioning, we require keeping the receiver-collar on whenever the pet needs to be contained – inside or out.

General Pet Fencing Questions

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    Hidden Fence Company is the exclusive authorized Pet Stop® dealer for Northern NJ Counties Bergen, Essex, Hunterdon, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union and Warren.

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