Invisible Fence® versus Hidden Fence?

A Quick Comparison…

If you are shopping for a dog fence in Northern New Jersey, you will encounter both of these companies. Since you are here now, at on, you won’t be surprised to find that we are quite biased!

Hidden or Invisible Fence®? Want a Local Contractor?

Since 1991, the Hidden Fence Company has provided professional installation, training and service to over 15,000 pets and their families. Invisible Fence® has provided (now closed) contractors in Sussex county, Morris county, Bergen county as well as Monmouth counties. Currently, Invisible Fence® is serviced by a Tennessee Company.

Invisible Fence® Compatible products?

As a small local contractor, Hidden Fence Company has traded in and provided service for hundreds of former Invisible Fence® clients. Sometimes service is as easy as an adjustment or wire repair, but with the current levels of warranty offered, many clients find themselves with out of warranty components. Hidden Fence Company offers components that can be programmed to be compatible with many Invisible Fence® systems in the field.

Invisible Fence® Versus Hidden Fence?

Invisible Fence® offers 2 very different dog training styles. Their low budget choice is called SafeDog®, their premium training program is called PerfectStart®.

At Hidden Fence, we teach GentleSteps™ a careful, incremental approach similar to their PerfectStart® approach.

To train carefully and incrementally, our products provide shock level control to the consumer, so you can adjust the dog’s level day by day. With Invisible Fence® containment products, their service truck has the programmer needed to adjust settings.

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