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Former Invisible Fence owner Dr Erno Hollo endorses Hidden Fence Company in 2021 

Drs Nancy Hallam and daughter Darby Smith, 2nd and 3rd gen veterinarians endorse Hidden Fence Company

Dr Eva Bostek Brady from Bernardsville Animal Hospital  endorses Hidden Fence Company in 2021

Dr Jen Stollery from Hodes Veterinary Group endorses Hidden Fence Company in 2021.

Former Invisible Fence owner Dr Alex Cojocar endorses Hidden Fence Company in 2021 

How to change correction level in the PetStop LINK app

Collage of professional endorsements!

Driveway cut, caulk and seal!

Dr Brian Voynick from American Animal Hospital in Randolph endorses Hidden Fence Company in 2021.

Owner Rich Weinssen talking puppy reinforcement training in 2002 – clicker training the whole family!

Owner Rich Weinssen play training with Gigi

Owner Rich Weinssen with Gigi backwards heel + crawl

Rich presenting the Industry’s first documented low pressure introduction  Triple Crown Academy Austin Tx

The Pet Stop LINK Bluetooth connected system is safest fence yet.


Professionals Endorse Hidden Fence Company

Cole and Angel Voynick were early adopters of positive reinforcement training.

The next generation of pet containment is here now.  Presenting the LINK Bluetooth connected system.

User Guide for the Pet Stop LINK Bluetooth connected Fence by Hidden Fence Company.

Tiny collars are waterproof and rechargeable. Diagnostic charger tests collars functionality.

Dr Voynick’s Hidden Fence helped his deer issue!

Rich and Becky Weinssen and their professional team at Hidden Fence Company provide safe and affordable pet containment services. We are a local, family-owned company with more than 30 years’ experience in this field.

Competitive Pricing, USA-made product, built right down to the circuit board in Reading, PA.

Our systems are of the highest quality and loaded with safe and humane settings and features.

Best Prices Guaranteed on similar systems!

A Hidden Dog fence will safely contain all dogs: toy, stubborn, working, hunting, difficult, high-prey drive, deer chasing, bike chasing, and neighborhood-loving dogs. It even works for cats!  And to set your mind at ease, Hidden Fence Company also offers our 30 days, 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. There are no fine print exceptions to this!

Hidden Fence Company strives to offer the highest quality experience to our clients. Beginning with the initial online price quote and optional home consultation, we custom design and install using GentleSteps TM certified training, resulting in off-leash freedom for your pet(s).

Hidden Fence Company makes it quick, easy, and convenient for customers to obtain a personalized price quote, online or over the phone, for the highest quality, American Made name brand electronics for a new system installation, existing system repair, or an upgrade for any situation you may have. Our GentleStepsTM training is certified, easy to do, fun for all family members, humane, modern, and above all SAFE! We always start off with the lowest correction level available because that is more respectful of your pet.


******Please note, if you are comparing our prices with Invisible Fence® Brand, their proprietary batteries will add $700 – $1,000 per receiver to maintain their warranty and operation of their system.

You are in control of adjusting your settings. Invisible Fence ® Brand will charge you a service call to make similar changes.We use the highest quality, American Made, name-brand electronics, wire, connectors, and components for new system installations, existing system repair, or upgrades for any situation you have. We do this work for a lower cost than our competitors.

The highly experienced team at Hidden Fence Company will help you to achieve the safety and pleasure associated with a pet fence done right.

Hidden Fence Company History
In 1991, The containment industry patent expired allowing competition for the first time. The Hidden Fence Company introduced the industry’s first digital pet fence systems, with the smallest, lightest fence collars and most adjustable pet containment systems ever seen. Competition is good for an industry. It makes everyone better!
In 1993, Hidden Fence Company became the first local electric dog fencing contractor to regularly offer follow up training.  
In 1995, Hidden Fence owner Rich Weinssen created a more “careful” pet containment training method for Innotek® Pet Products and was on the cover of all training literature between 1995 and 2001.
In 2001, Hidden Fence Owner Rich Weinssen revolutionized the pet containment industry with the most gentle training process ever seen in this field. Rich’s approach begins at low, tickle levels for conveying location information, and then a progressive increase in pressure once the dog learns and is challenged with real life distractions. This gentle process was introduced publicly at the March 2002 International Association of Canine Professionals annual meeting.
In 2005, our owner Rich Weinssen, wrote the (REQUIRED) first international training certification program for the Professional PetSafe® dealer network and has developed methods for the top manufacturers in the USA. Hidden Fence Company is not associated with Petsafe® , but owner Rich Weinssen created the method and wrote the containment industry’s first International, third party accredited training and certification program for Radio Systems Corp’s dealer network- starting in 2001 and completing the task in 2006.
In 2006, Radio Systems Corporation acquired Invisible Fence after rewarding Hidden Fence Company for our industry changing training approach.
In 2007, Hidden Fence Company changed manufacturer affiliations, selecting Pet Stop® Brand by Perimeter Technologies. This unites Hidden Fence Company with John Purtell, the original FOUNDER of Invisible Fence®. John is the President of Perimeter Technologies, manufacturer of the Pet Stop® brand of containment products. Pet Stop® products have outstanding training flexibility and unmatched programmability by the owner. (2016 Hamlet)
In 2007, Rich introduces GENTLESTEPS; a careful, incremental training approach for the Pet Stop national dealer network.    Pet Stop introduces “training” levels in their Ultra Elite Series 2 receivers, with tickle levels.  Each incremental increase was determined by Rich’s hand.   
In 2007, Rich begins certifying Pet Stop dealer network in GENTLESTEPS. Most dealers certified within 3 years.
In 2017, the Hidden Fence team was first tasked with training the world’s most famous cat, Hamlet to stay in the lobby at the Algonquin hotel in NYC.  In 2021, we reintroduced Hamlet to the new area after a remodel.
In 2017, The Hidden Fence Company introduced the industry’s first connected pet containment systems, providing instant system check data rather than service trucks to your home.
In 2020, The Hidden Fence team kept all of our dogs safe without serious delays in service.  
In 2021, Our custom-designed customer service and office management software was acquired by our manufacturer to improve customer service across the national dealer network.