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Serving North NJ year-round since 1991

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Former Invisible Fence owner Dr. Erno Hollo endorses Hidden Fence Company in 2021. 

Drs. Nancy Hallam and daughter Darby Smith, 2nd and 3rd gen veterinarians endorse Hidden Fence Company.

Dr. Eva Bostek Brady from Bernardsville Animal Hospital endorses Hidden Fence Company in 2021.

Dr. Jen Stollery from Hodes Veterinary Group endorses Hidden Fence Company in 2021.

Former Invisible Fence owner Dr. Alex Cojocar endorses Hidden Fence Company in 2021. 

Dr. Brian Voynick from American Animal Hospital in Randolph endorses Hidden Fence Company in 2021.

Collage of professional endorsements!

The professional team at Hidden Fence Company provides safe and affordable pet containment services. We are a local, family-owned company with more than 30 years of experience in this field.

We offer competitive pricing and products and we have the best prices guaranteed on similar systems.

Our systems are of the highest quality, loaded with safe and humane settings and features.

Hidden Dog fences will safely contain almost every type of dog. Including toy, stubborn, working, hunting, difficult, high-prey drive, deer chasing, bike chasing, and neighborhood-loving dogs. It even works for cats, goats and pigs.

Hidden Fence Company makes it quick, easy, and convenient for customers to obtain a personalized price quote, online or over the phone.  Our GentleStepsTM  training is certified, easy to do, fun for all family members, humane, modern, and above all SAFE!  We always start off with the lowest correction level available because that is more respectful of your pet.

******Please note, if you are comparing our prices with Invisible Fence® Brand, their proprietary batteries will add $700-$1,000 per receiver to maintain their warranty and operation of their system