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The Hidden Fence Company is by far the best electric dog fence company you could ask for! I recently moved and had them re-install my electric fence and they made the process so easy. It is hard to find a company nowadays that is trustworthy, reliable, and professional. The Hidden Fence Company is all this and more. The Hidden Fence Company treats you and your pet like you are part of the family! Rich, the owner is very personable and honest and he stands by his product. I recommend this electric fence company to all my clients and friends. If you are searching for an electric fence for your best friend, search no further…..this is the company for you.

Irene Lentis, DVM  

I use and highly recommend Rich Weinssen and the Hidden Fence Company!

Both my own pet and my father in law’s pet enjoy the added exercise, activity and freedom associated with an invisible dog fence from I see many pets in my practice that do not get the freedom and stimulation they need to avoid common behavioral problems. Worse yet, I see often see unconfined dogs lost and or hit by cars.

I was extremely pleased with the excellent products, quality training techniques and superior service after the fact. I recommend them without reservation to family, friends and clients!

Suzanne Bliesath, DVM

Budd Lake Animal Hospital

I use and recommend the Hidden Fence Company in Randolph; they have the longest local track record and have an excellent training approach.

Hidden Fence uses The Gentle Method, a low stimulus, nearly stress free technique which allows dogs to learn to avoid the boundaries with a focus on fun and rewards.

-Past president NJ Veterinary Medical Association
-Past president NJ Animal Welfare Association

Art Baeder, DVM

Rockaway Animal Clinic

I have known and recommended Rich Weinssen…since 1991. Rich is highly regarded as an animal behavior expert and keeps up with the ever changing knowledge base of the field. His education and experience have resulted in a range of positive behavior modification techniques suitable to the widest range of pets and families.

More importantly, as a person and as a professional, he has demonstrated very high standards of integrity and ethics over the 15+ years we have worked in the same town. I have and continue to fully trust him with my family, my pet(s), my friends and my clients.

I give Rich my highest recommendation, without reservation.

Brian Voynick, DVM

American Animal Hospital

Our hidden fence has dramatically improved the quality of life for our dog, Aragorn, and improved the quality of life for my entire family. As a veterinarian, I pride myself in working with an animal hospital that provides excellent customer service and could only recommend a company that meets my high standards.

Hidden Dog Fence Company is a company I now strongly recommend to my clients without hesitation.

Dr. Kelly B. Vex, DVM

Basking Ridge Animal Hospital

In spite of my initial doubts, I have been extremely pleased… I have seen the sad and painful results of people who were not as fortunate as I was when I first got Heather. I tell my story to owners with dogs like mind and always recommended your company… I know you saved Heather’s life many times over and gave us great peace of mind.

Danci Mock, DVM

West Caldwell Animal Hospital

I have been a practicing veterinarian since 1992. Siberian Huskies like my own “Blaze” are known to be diggers and escape artists since the call of the wild is really strong in them!

Rich Weinssen’s team at Hidden Fence installed their Hidden Fence and also helped train my easily-tempted Husky to stay inside the perimeter regardless of the exciting distractions going on outside the perimeter! These distractions included an excellent Hidden Fence dog and trainer team as well as my normal neighborhood distractions and everything else we could muster.

All containment companies are NOT created equal! Blaze has become much more manageable since his training with the Hidden Fence thanks to the additional exercise and outdoor time. I highly recommend Rich Weinssen and the Hidden Fence Company in Randolph.

Anant V Joshi, DVM

Director, Clark Animal Hospital

I use and highly recommend Rich Weinssen and the Hidden Fence Company.

Dear Rich,

I have to heartily thank you for your efforts in resolving my roaming Siberian husky problems. Over the last 4 years in 2 separate residences I have spent nearly $7000 on fencing in my 2 homes to enclose my yards in hopes of providing a safe and comfortable haven for my 3 determined and stubborn deer-chasing huskies. They had foiled every attempt I had made shore up my enclosures. They testimonial-even went through a hot wire made for protecting gardens from deer.

After many 3 a.m. neighborhood tours searching for my wandering pals, and finding them 6 miles away on busy highway 15 late the one morning, as well as having to listen to a humbling lecture from our local police officer determined to deliver his point and fine, I called your office for an appointment. You can imagine embarrassed I was, as a veterinarian standing in pajamas on the side of the road at 9 a.m. next to my happy-go-lucky exhausted huskies sniffing a dead deer, to listen to the officer discuss how I could “allow these innocent dogs (now covered with ticks) to roam free in highway traffic.” Please tell me why I waited so long. I have had the fence installed for 9 months now and have had no problems whatsoever testimonial-even with all the snow this last winter.

Your staff was timely, effective, and demonstrated to us how to make the most of your system. Your many years of experience in your business were truly evident. All of us in the veterinary field know how stubborn and determined huskies are when they see something interesting. In fact, when colleagues hear that I have 3 huskies they ask how many times they have gotten out? My answer is: Multiple times up until 9 months ago. Thank you Hidden Fence! Now my wife and I can sleep and not spend aggravating days and nights discussing how to deal with our dog roaming issues and simply enjoy them with our children.

There is no better sight than seeing my 3-year-old playing with them in my unfenced front yard with all the envious neighborhood dogs coming by on a leash. Free Siberian huskies comfortably contained in an unfenced front yard without the minimal possibility of roaming. That sentence, due to the nature of the husky breed, is an oxymoron. You and your staff helped us make it happen. William, Sasha, and Woody, the most determined and stubborn k-9s to roam the earth, now enjoy life better due to their new found sensible freedom and truly, so do we. We have never been able to enjoy them as we do now.

Eric C. Lindquest, DVM

Owner - Sound Technologies, Veterinary Imaging and Internal Medicine Consultant

Sparta, New Jersey

I use and recommend the Hidden Fence Company. A professional contractor like Rich Weinssen will make sure you get the most benefit and quickest results from your containment system.

Joe Valese, DVM

Mt. Pocono Animal Hospital

I highly recommend Rich Weinssen’s training. He used both clicker and remote collar training with two of my dogs, tailoring the exercises to their personalities. He is especially skilled at identifying a pet’s individual needs and designing a training program for particular results. Rich’s approach is gentle and positive. My dogs had a great time during the training sessions.

Mia K. Frezzo, DVM

Rich Weinssen’s training approach is positive, humane and effective.

We’ve enjoyed our Golden Retriever, Isabella, more following several simple household adjustments and she also likes the approach!

The wide range of adjustments made the difference in Isabella’s containment training.

Mark Hullstrung, DVM

Allendale Animal Hospital

I use and highly recommend Rich Weinssen and the Hidden Fence Company.

They provide an outstanding service, especially the Reward-Based training program. I have multiple dogs on the system so the wide range of adjustments really came in handy! I also like the easily accessible batteries and SafeLite™ low battery indicator.

Brenda King, DVM

Upper Montclair Animal Hospital

I recommend Rich Weinssen and the Hidden Fence Company. We have 3 cats on their system. The small collars and SafeLite™ make this a great system for cats or dogs!

Gerald Krazinski, DVM

Mahwah, retired consultant

I use and highly recommend the Hidden Fence Company and their Professionally installed containment system.

The slow ramping progressive setting combined with the Rich Weinssen’s Reward-Based training system makes containment training more fun for dogs and owners. The low battery indicator light and common batteries are long overdue in this industry!

Ken Spina, DVM

AllPet Home Healthcare

We use and recommend Rich Weinssen and the Hidden Fence Company. Rich’s training approach is both gentle and effective.

Nicholas Minervini, DVM

Flanders Veterinary Clinic

Working in a veterinary hospital, I see first hand the tragedies that happen when dogs are out loose. Once my Hidden Fence was installed it took only days using Hidden Fence’s gentle training instructions for all my dogs to understand that they can no longer leave the yard. I now let them out knowing they are safe in my yard.

Kathy Prodigo, Manager

Whippany Veterinary Hospital

I use and highly recommend Rich Weinssen and the Hidden Fence Company. Rich’s gentle and fun training approach worked well for my energetic boxer “Katie”.

I now relax while my dog enjoys the freedom to romp and play in our backyard. I will continue to support Hidden Fence Company and Rich Weinssen’s low stimulus, gentle approach to training.

Cheri Smith, DVM

Whippany Veterinary Hospital

I have known Rich Weinssen since 1991. He worked with both of my Labradors through a wonderful series of puppy classes that trained them with positive reinforcement and gentle correction.

When I needed a Hidden Fence installed for my own pets, I chose Rich Weinssen and the Hidden Fence Company, and I have never been disappointed. His service has always been top-notch and his Hidden Fence system and training exceptional.

Rich has always been very enthusiastic about constantly improving on his products to make them as safe, humane, and practical as possible. Rich always puts the satisfaction of his customers (both the people and their pets!) first.

Bethany Summers, DVM

Hodes Veterinary Group

I highly recommend Rich Weinssen’s positive training method. His Reward-Based approach worked wonderfully with Lupo, my geriatric Malamute as well as Durango, our young Shepherd mix.

Their systems provide outstanding control for a wide range of temperaments and I wouldn’t own a containment system without a low-battery indicator.

I give the Hidden Fence Company and Rich Weinssen my highest endorsement.

Aleda Straley-Cheng, DVM

Hodes Animal Hospital

I have used Rich Weinssen and the Hidden Fence Company for their containment and training services. I highly recommend Rich Weinssen and the Hidden Fence Company.

Ben Moses, DVM

Moses Animal Hospital

We highly recommend Rich Weinssen and the Hidden Fence Company. Their products, training and service are first rate and they have serviced this area for over a decade.

Ken Fischer, DVM

Hillsdale Animal Hospital

I have been a small animal veterinarian for more than 25 years and prior to that during college, I worked for a traditional dog training school. I have always had a strong interest in animal behavior and prior to the development of this field as a specialty in veterinary medicine I often consulted with pet owners and lectured to various groups on animal behavior.

Rich’s training system not only makes sense from a behavior standpoint but is also much more acceptable to pet owners especially those that consider their pets a member of the family. Often when clients complain about their dog’s behavior problem I am told that in fact these pets have already been trained. These owners have been reluctant to “hurt” their pets with the traditional firm correction they were taught. They accept the gentle approach because it makes them feel that it is strengthening their bond with their pet. I have personally experienced the effectiveness of this system and recommend it highly.

Both as a veterinarian as well as one of his clients, I can personally recommend his gentle approach to animal training. He demonstrated his training system on my very shy adopted adult stray and I have had only praise from clients I have referred to him.

I highly recommend Rich Weinssen.

Anthony Scriffignano, DVM

Vernon Animal Hospital & Montclair Animal Hospital

I have had an excellent working relationship with (Hidden Fence owner) Rich Weinssen since 1991… As a veterinarian and a pet owner, I have found Rich’s expertise invaluable, both in the area of dog behavior and training, as well as containment. I’ve always had great feedback from all the clients I have referred… Recent upgrades I am enjoying are the gentle, slow ramp correction (which my sensitive Dalmatian truly appreciates), the SafeLite™ and the tiny size.

Paul Sedlacek, DVM

Morris Plains Animal Clinic

I use and highly recommend Hidden Fence Company. We retrained my deaf, aging Labrador Retriever from a different brand of invisible fence, then trained my new puppy with Rich Weinssen’s exclusive low stress, gentle technique.

What an improvement Low Stress Training is over the training offered by the other brands of invisible fence. My dog was comfortable right up to the edge of the yard, all through the training; but then would not go near the flags.

I recommend Hidden Fence products with confidence and look forward to their ongoing pet containment and training innovations. I would caution pet owners that the training must be done according to Rich Weinssen’s protocol. While I find these products very humane and effective, poor training is the most common cause of negative feedback I might hear about electronic products. Following Rich’s Low Stress protocol is as good a decision as a pet owner can make!

Dr. Nancy Hallam-Smith, DVM

Tri States Veterinary Clinic

We’ve been using and recommending Rich Weinssen and the Hidden Fence Company since 1991. With their tiny collars, we’ve even added our cat to the system!

David Migliaccio, DVM

Chester Animal Hospital

I give the Hidden Fence Company and Rich Weinssen my highest endorsement. I have been referring customers to them since 1998, and find the company highly professional and trustworthy. I have been a veterinarian for over 30 years, and I believe that the their hidden fence system is the safest and most efficient way to behaviorally train pets. It allows the owner another option, when there isn’t always time for a daily walk.

Norman Stack, DVM

Valley Veterinary Hospital

I have known (Hidden Fence owner) Rich Weinssen since 1991… His knowledge of dogs and work with the Hidden Fence systems are invaluable. Hidden Fence Company provides…a top notch service for the industry… and has always kept me abreast of the most recent technology. I recommend them to anyone for their products and services!

Alex Cojocar, DVM

Hackettstown Animal Clinic

I use and highly recommend the Hidden Fence Company. Rich Weinssen’s Reward-Based training program and the slow ramp progressive feature are state of the art. The approach made for a steeper learning curve among the multiple animals (and humans!) in our home Before long we had off-leash peace of mind.

Edie DeMaria, VMD

Oradell Animal Hospital

My dog loves the freedom to run and play, and knows exactly how far he can go. No longer do I worry about him wandering too far. Kids can run in and out of my yard without the hindrance of a fence.

I highly recommend your company for your superior product that works humanely and effectively, and for your unmatched professional service. Thank you so much!

Maryellen Voigt, DVM

Saint George’s Veterinary Hospital

Your team of professional trainers came to our house and showed Jamie and my family how the fence worked. Jamie caught on quickly due to the compassionate nature of your system. The decoy dogs were absolutely fantastic. They were so well behaved I was in awe. I think Jamie was a little impressed too.

I will only recommend your hidden fence to all of my clients and friends. I am so excited with Jamie’s results and the service. You are the only company we recommend in our office.

Dyan Muller, DVM

Park Ridge Animal Hospital

I highly recommend HiddenFence.Com for Northern NJ invisible fence installation, training and service. These dog fences can provide wonderful freedom for pets when quality products and proper training are utilized. The importance of product quality and effective training cannot be overstated.

The team at Hidden Fence Company in Randolph, NJ helped my sister Jess with a special needs / deaf miniature poodle and after several years of added freedom, we can speak of the safety and lifestyle improvements experienced by our pet.

David M Furst, DVM

Boulevard Veterinary Clinic & Brooklyn Animal Hospital

I have known and worked with Rich Weinssen on many cases for over 15 years. I find his training methods to be comprehensive, kind and effective…I feel that when he accepts one of my referrals, he will work with the client until the problem has been resolved.

I find Rich to Demonstrate a high level of professionalism and integrity. He has earned my trust and the trust of the professional veterinary community in our area…

I recommend Rich with 100% confidence, without reservation to my family, friends and clients.

Ken Werner, DVM

Werner Animal Hospital

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