House training a new dog or puppy?
Here’s a simple checklist that can make the process a little easier on you and your pet.

  • Are you feeding a dry, high grade dog food?
  • Are you skipping supplements and most types of treats (dairy, common store bought)?
  • Are you feeding on a schedule? (After 14 weeks, 2x per day, 7am & 4pm for example)
  • Are you giving ample outside potty opportunities? (Every hour for youngsters!)
  • Are you marking the good behavior with super-treats? (Use roast beef as potty finishes for a fast track to puppy-potty-awareness)
  • Are you restricting freedoms inside? This protects you from valued items being chewed also.
  • Are you using a crate? (I prefer plastic / airline type, or cover the metal type with a dark blanket.)
  • Are you giving puppy naps? Pups need to sleep almost half of the day, plus all night. You can use the sleep time for crate time opportunities.
  • Do you know disciplining after the fact is not helpful and is actually harmful?
  • Are you setting your puppy up to succeed and be rewarded for good choices?

Further suggestions and comments are always appreciated!

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