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2002 Revolutionary Hidden Fence Training Video

   Posted on November 10, 2013   |   by Rich

In the early years of pet containment, the training approach ran parallel to the popular basic dog training approach in the USA. The emphasis was on strong levels of correction/discipline/punishment to stop existing behaviors.

Modern training seeks to steer and teach behaviors in more favorable ways through reward, patterns and repetition. When more assertive techniques are chosen, a healthy foundation of understanding is expected before corrections are elevated.

In this context, by teaching what is expected first, pet containment training is far less stressful for dog and owner.

This Hidden Fence Training video was filmed at Triple Crown Academy, Hutto Texas, in August 2002.

Here are two endorsements earned in 2002 for this industry-changing training approach:

This LowStress training approach will revolutionize pet containment training. I see a better trained, less-stressed dog.” Keith Benson, President, COO Starmark Academy for Professional Trainers and Animal Behavior Center (Formerly Triple Crown Academy)

I highly recommend the revolutionary gentle training program created by Rich Weinssen.” Martin Deeley, Executive Director, International Association of Canine Professionals.

I just saw this video posted from Don Offutt. It’s more promotional in nature, but his handling has impressed me for over a decade. His gentle handling of a bird convinced me that his dog methods must be similarly gentle.