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Hidden Fence Training : Hamlet, The Algonquin Cat, NYC

   Posted on October 10, 2017   |   by Rich

It was an honor to work with Hamlet and the outstanding staff at The Algonquin Hotel!

September 20, 2017

Mr. John Purtell
10 Vanguard Drive
Reading, PA 19606

Dear John Purtell and the Pet Stop Team

On behalf of the Algonquin and Hamlet VIII, I would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to you. The hotel has maintained the tradition of a resident cat for over 90 years and we were thrilled to add Hamlet to the family.

I cannot imagine the difficulty of taking a rescue cat, from a feral colony, and transitioning them to a new home, like the lobby of the Algonquin. Your team, Rich Weinssen and Franciso, came up with a strategic plan to introduce Hamlet to his new environment.

The cat never seemed to be afraid, and the detail and handling of Hamlet led to a very positive experience, which will no doubt help make him comfortable and settle in. The flexibility they showed and training they provided to the associates will help us continue the efforts your trainers put into place. As a result, Hamlet is now able to be visible and happy in our lobby and our guests are able to enjoy his presence. We look forward to sending you photos of him lounging around the Front Desk.

Dan Croutch
General Manager

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