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Hidden Dog Fence Alarm Beeping at Transmitter

   Posted on January 6, 2014   |   by Rich

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What does it mean when a Hidden Dog Fence Alarm is sounding? How do I turn off the beeping alarm?

This video shows the alarm and quick solution to stop the the beeping, featuring the Pet Stop OT-200 transmitter:

Pet Stop® Transmitter Wire Break Alarm

Video Runtime: 1:02

0:00 – This is the OT-200 transmitter from Pet Stop.

0:07 – When it’s working properly it should look much like this, with a number at the top which indicates distance from the wire that the collar will activate, and it is not making any alarm because the wire, below, is intact.

0:20 – We’re using this [pointing to green wire] to simulate your perimeter wire, but if your OT-200 is making an alarm like this, than it has a wire break

0:30 – If I disconnect the wire, the signal no longer goes from the transmitter and all the way back to the transmitter,
so the indication is that the wire is broken – something is compromising the connection from the transmitter back to the transmitter.

0:47 – This is how most people would turn it off [pulls out plug] prior to our service call Just pull the power button out from the bottom turns off the alarm

0:56 – Call the Hidden Fence Company and have us come and find your wire break and fix it.[/su_spoiler]

Usually, a sound coming from your wall mounted transmitter is the wire break alarm signaling damage to the perimeter wire. Damage to the perimeter wire renders a dog fence useless and must be repaired properly to assure long term functionality.

The wire break alarm does not know where, why or when, but the two ends of the same wire which plug into the transmitter are not intact, not part of a continuous loop. The signal leaves the transmitter but does not return after.

Another possibility, although infrequently seen, is transmitter failure or damage. The transmitter can be tested by using a short loop test, shown in the same video above. We are using a 8″ piece of wire to simulate the perimeter wire. If the wire break alarm continues with the two ends of the short wire properly inserted, then the transmitter needs to be serviced.