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Invisible Fence® Service and Repairs

   Posted on January 4, 2014   |   by Rich

During the first quarter of 2014, Invisible Fence® system owners can get an additional 25% off on any regular product trade in price, for Invisible Fence® brand fence collars and fence transmitters of any age.

The Hidden Fence Company is not affiliated with Invisible Fence® brand products, however we have provided service to hundreds of former Invisible Fence clients in Northern NJ since 1991. We can service and repair the perimeter wire and provide on site product evaluation. Since Our products are compatible with Invisible Fencing® systems, we can trade in individual components or the entire system.

The key point is that a good wire is compatible with every system. If your wire is the problem, we can trace and fix that too.

Rechargeable collars have significant cost advantages, our Invisible Fence® swap outs result in a $70 per year battery savings compared to an average price of $17.50 for 4 Powercap® batteries per year.

When clients have 2 or more dogs, rechargeable batteries can save thousands of dollars in lifetime battery costs.

This special pricing results in a 25% savings from our regular trade in prices, good until 4-1-14 only.