I did some training at Main Line Animal Rescue in Chester Springs Pa today.

The second of 3 dogs I handled was Dallas, who immediately demonstrated an automatic sit when she saw the treat in my hand.

This turns out is shelter Manager Meg’s idea to improve odds of placement. I’ve always liked this use of sit as a default response to anything new.

But then, Dallas showed a sensitive response to a car door in the parking lot, and demonstrated trust issues even as I hand delivered some tasty chicken breast.

Rather than force the issue, I chose to reject moving forward and training Dallas at this time.

We just came out of the classroom, where I described the base level requirement that any dog not be in a  stressed state of mind before the dog fence training begins. I certainly could have accomplished the training, but everyone embraced the more careful approach.

Here is some smartphone footage:

The other dogs did great!

One comment on “Main Line Animal Rescue Dog Rejected For Training
  1. A good primer for stress reduction here from Sarah Wilson.


    Stress reduction begins with improved recognition of stress signals.