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Hidden Fence Company History
In 1991, the containment industry patent expired allowing competition for the first time. The Hidden Fence Company introduced the industry’s first digital pet fence systems, with the smallest, lightest fence collars and most adjustable pet containment systems ever seen. Competition is good for an industry. It makes everyone better!
In 1993, Hidden Fence Company became the first local electric dog fencing contractor to regularly offer follow up training.  
In 1995, Hidden Fence founder Rich Weinssen created a more “careful” pet containment training method for Innotek® Pet Products and was on the cover of all training literature between 1995-2001.
In 2001, Hidden Fence founder Rich Weinssen revolutionized the pet containment industry with the most gentle training process ever seen in this field. Rich’s approach begins at low, tickle levels for conveying location information, and then a progressive increase in pressure as the dog learns and is challenged with real life distractions. This gentle process was introduced publicly at the March 2002 International Association of Canine Professionals annual meeting.
In 2005, founder Rich Weinssen, wrote the (REQUIRED) first International Training Certification program for the Professional PetSafe® dealer network and has developed methods for the top manufacturers in the USA. Hidden Fence Company is not associated with Petsafe®, but beginning in 2001, Rich Weinssen created the method and wrote the containment industry’s first International, third party accredited Training and Certification Program for Radio Systems Corp’s dealer network.  He completing the task in 2006.
In 2006, Radio Systems Corporation acquired Invisible Fence® after rewarding Hidden Fence Company for our industry changing training approach.
In 2007, Hidden Fence Company changed manufacturer affiliations, selecting Pet Stop® Brand by Perimeter Technologies. This unites Hidden Fence Company with John Purtell, the original FOUNDER of Invisible Fence®. John is the President of Perimeter Technologies, manufacturer of the Pet Stop® brand of containment products. Pet Stop® products have outstanding training flexibility and unmatched programmability by the owner. 
In 2007, Rich introduced GentleStepsTM a careful, incremental training approach for the Pet Stop national dealer network.  Pet Stop introduced “training” levels in their Ultra Elite Series 2 receivers, with tickle levels.  Each incremental increase was determined by Rich’s hand.   
In 2007, Rich began certifying Pet Stop dealer network in GentleStepsTM.  Most dealers certified within 3 years.
In 2017, the Hidden Fence team was first tasked with training the world’s most famous cat, Hamlet, to stay in the lobby at the Algonquin Hotel in NYC.  In 2021, we were asked to reintroduced Hamlet to the area after a remodel.
In 2017, the Hidden Fence Company introduced the industry’s first connected pet containment systems, providing remote instant system check data rather than service trucks to your home.
In 2020, the Hidden Fence team kept all of our dogs safe without serious delays in service throughout pandemic related shut downs by implementing no contact procedures to safely serve our customers.
In 2021, our custom-designed customer service and office management software was acquired by our manufacturer to improve customer service across the national dealer network.