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Testimonials from Local NJ Customers

Endorsements earned by Hidden Fence Company and Rich Weinssen

September 20, 2017

Mr. John Purtell
10 Vanguard Drive
Reading, PA 19606

Dear John Purtell and the Pet Stop Team

On behalf of the Algonquin and Hamlet VIII, I would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to you. The hotel has maintained the tradition of a resident cat for over 90 years and we were thrilled to add Hamlet to the family.

I cannot imagine the difficulty of taking a rescue cat, from a feral colony, and transitioning them to a new home, like the lobby of the Algonquin. Your team, Rich Weinssen and Franciso, came up with a strategic plan to introduce Hamlet to his new environment.

The cat never seemed to be afraid, and the detail and handling of Hamlet led to a very positive experience, which will no doubt help make him comfortable and settle in. The flexibility they showed and training they provided to the associates will help us continue the efforts your trainers put into place. As a result, Hamlet is now able to be visible and happy in our lobby and our guests are able to enjoy his presence. We look forward to sending you photos of him lounging around the Front Desk.

Dan Croutch
General Manager

We love our hidden fence! Our dog, Odie, caught on very quickly. It was a wonderful investment. We would highly recommend using Hidden Fence.



10/10 the field Rep was highly informative and professional. I couldn’t be more impressed with the company from start to finish. I would not hesitate in recommending you guys…especially after my attempt of a DIY kit. Thanks guys!



Excellent, fast customer service- friendly, trustworthy employees. Someone is always available to answer questions. 5++ stars consistently.



I wanted to take a moment and send a note of thanks for a job well done by Mike on my fence installation on July 21st.

It was an extremely hot day, and the area around our house is very rocky with many trees, and two driveway crossings. Mike installed the transmitter cleanly and carefully in our shed, went above and beyond to ensure the wire left the shed in a safe and secure way, and did a nice job of securing the wires and power supply neatly. The fence wire installation around the house was a challenge, but Mike worked through the rocks and roots to get the wire where it needed to be. He carefully cut and re-sealed the driveway crossings as well. A very neat and professional installation!

Mike took the time to work with us and our dog to introduce the containment fence, and gave us clear instructions on the process to work with the dog on training. Overall, he did an outstanding job, exceeding my expectations and alleviating my concerns with the installation. Additionally, he politely declined a well-deserved tip I offered him at the completion of the visit.

Thanks again for an excellent installation job, and what appears to be a very good and effective product!



Tech was here today, very professional and prompt. He did a great job with our new puppy! Highly recommend them!



We have been using Hidden Fence NJ for over 15 years! Great service and support! We are training our new puppy and with help from the team at Hidden Fence it has been a great experience. I highly recommend Hidden Fence of Randolph to all dog owners!



Have had this project for two years. Customer support is second to none



Rich and Becky are nothing short of amazing! Their positive reinforcement training advice and support with my new “grand dog”, Clementine was spot on. They were attentive to her issues and so efficient in helping us learn how to break the habit of puppy biting and barking. Rich is truly a dog whisperer!!

You will be hard pressed to find a better, more experienced trainer!!
I highly recommend Hidden Fence for all of your training/pet containment needs!



We have had our Hidden Fence since 1991, and we are presently training our third puppy on the Hidden Fence. We absolutely love the quality of life the fence has given to our dogs through the years as our dogs have been able to spend endless quality hours roaming free and enjoying every inch of our property and every moment of every day. Through all of these years we have received outstanding training and technical support services from Hidden Fence Company. Thank you Rich, Becky, and your staff for your professional services and all you have done for us through so many years!


Jack Regan

Very professional service. Alex was very polite and was very good with Minnie! Thank you !!


Carolyn Amari Niemis

Having the Hidden Fence installed was the best thing I could have done. It has made my life so much easier having a puppy with endless energy. I swear I can see the smile on her face as she races around the yard. She learned her boundaries so quick it was hard to believe. Everyone from Hidden Fence is extremely professional from the office staff to the installers and the trainers. I highly recommend Hidden Fence.​


Janice Papa

Can get batteries & your hidden Fence products serviced here… always friendly staff; knowledgeable and helpful !


Mark Mcguinness

Excellent dog trainer!! I worked with Rich about 12 years ago when I was at my wits end and couldn’t get my black lab to stop jumping up and knocking down my young children and their friends. Thanks to Rich’s expert training he solved the problem in short order! Now, 12 years later, I contacted Rich again for help with an adult Great Dane, that I rescued, who was completely unmanageable on a leash—dragging me around! Again, thanks to my work with Rich, within a handful of weeks, my Dane was heeling, on and off leash! Rich’s training methods are both positive and effective. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Rich, and my dogs are always super happy to see him!


Karen Adelman

Cant say enough good things about this company’s work and customer service. Their installation was timely, clean work, and are easy to deal with with a no nonsense approach to business.

Their support has been outstanding and found them calling me to train us instead of vice versa multiple times. When we recently had our dog chew through her collar they made sure we had a new one within 24 hours.

If you want to deal with an honest , hard working business whose service do not stop after you write them a check, Hidden Fence Company in Randolph is the company for you!


Peter Kaplan

Hidden Fence has been absolutely outstanding from beginning to end. My husband was reluctant about getting the fence but Becky was able to answer all of our questions and we are so happy we made this decision. Francisco who did the installation and first training was absolutely wonderful. He had great energy and is someone who you can tell is passionate about what they do. They were extremely flexible and worked around our crazy work schedules to come do the follow up training. They have stayed late in the office when I was running late to pick something up. I cannot say enough about how great Hidden Fence has been. Thank you again Becky, Rich and staff!


Kelly Herchick

I’m very happy with the service provided, they were very quick answering my request to install the electric fence, Francisco was very clear of what to do with the dog, very professional and efficient. Everything is working fine and I’m very thankful to have their help.


Rita Pinto

We inherited the Hidden Fence program from the previous owner of our house and have continued the service for the past 10 years. Rich and his team are excellent and I highly recommend the Hidden Fence Company. They provide superior customer service and their training program to use the Hidden Fence works perfectly. We have used their training program with our last two dogs and we never worry about their safety. AAA++++


Michael Brown

Ten years later and our hidden fence and is still enriching our lives and our dog’s life as well. Installation was flawless and training was wonderful. Can’t comment on service because in ten years we haven’t needed any. Highly recommended!


John Creeden

Thanks so much for the prompt, professional service.


Barbara Cleave

Great customer service!!! This fence has made my life so much easier!! We have 2 Dobermans and they are safe and secure and never breach the perimeter! We live on a wildlife preserve and they see fox and deer everyday but they never cross the line!!! This fence makes me feel that my dogs are very safe and secure!! The installer Francisco is amazing with animals and people!!! He is just a wonderful person who will help you and answer any questions you may have and will not leave until he is sure that you feel comfortable using your fence system!!! The customer service line is also very helpful and will happily answer any question you have and go above and beyond to make sure you are completely satisfied with their product!

I wish more companies were as easy to work with as The Hidden Fence Company!!! I would recommend them to everyone!!!


Heather Rein Warszawa

GREAT Company and Service for your dog. We have Hidden Fence for YEARS with our 4 Labs. Rich and his team will take care of everything you need from the training to the customer service. When people ask if its worth it. I ask a few simple Questions. Do you LOVE your dog? YES……. Do you have the $10K+ for a traditional fence? NO…. Well then call Rich and get the Hidden Fence. People ask: Do you think it is cruel? My Answer is simple: Do you want your dog to run away or get hit by a car? NO? With proper training by HF your dog will be SAFE within the hidden fence area. A small correction from the HF collar will remind them to stay within the area. It is way better than that horrible feeling when your dog has left your property and you can not find them. So if you love your dog like we love ours then it is a no brainer. Call Hidden Fence. We recommend them to all of our Mobile Grooming Customers @ Wunderful Tails mobile Pet Salon


Eric John Wunder

I had the best customer service! I called today to inquire about getting a new collar and they spoke to me a great length about how tight or loose to keep it and how to maintain it. I was also able to order a new collar . Nice people ! Nice service! My dog spent most the day outside today and best of all …. I was worry free! Thanks Hidden Fence!


Mary Granato Cracco

I had the best customer service! I called today to inquire I can’t say enough wonderful things about Hidden Fence! They did an amazing job installing the efence for my dogs. The office staff took care of everything required before hand and the installers where so professional and personable. I don’t know how I didn’t drive them crazy with where it was going to go or with my questions. I highly highly recommend Hidden Fence! You will not be disappointed! Thank you again so much for the wonderful job and fantastic service!about getting a new collar and they spoke to me a great length about how tight or loose to keep it and how to maintain it. I was also able to order a new collar . Nice people ! Nice service! My dog spent most the day outside today and best of all …. I was worry free! Thanks Hidden Fence!


Leanne DeNova

Hidden Fence installed our system in 2010. It has worked perfectly and they were a pleasure to deal with. On two occasions landscapers cut the wire, most recently a few days ago. HF came within two days of my call and repaired the damage. Their people could not have been more professional or more polite.



I came to Hidden Fence at the recommendation of Pet Stop after having had a disastrous experience with a previous underground fence installer. My property would be an installation challenge for even the most experienced in the field as it entailed a 15 acre installation that ran through the woods, over open fields, over streams, rock walls, and my driveway. Adding to the difficulty was the fact that I had two large hybrid dogs, known to be difficult to train. I am happy to report that Rich was able to train them very quickly. The installer was polite and respectful of my property and worked fast and efficiently. That was 11 years ago and the underground fence has survived Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Sandy, and an early fall blizzard that downed many trees. My dogs are outdoor dogs and the reliability of the fence is critical. I am grateful to Rich Weinssen and his knowledgeable staff for affording me a sense of security concerning the safely of my dogs.


C Smith Deutsch

Francisco and Rich were fantastic to work with. Great experience!


Dan Rodriguez

“5 STARS for sure! Highly satisfied and recommend!”


We are training our 3rd English Pointer Dade about 10 months old {also a rescue so we don’t know her history} on the hidden fence. This breed like most sporting/hunting dogs NEED exercise NON-STOP and we are fortunate to have a yard that she can get the exercise she needs. Every time we train a dog on it I say the same thing “best money we spent”…it’s a humane way to train them not to leave your yard…because the alternative is deadly. They pick it up quickly and can enjoy the freedom of running around your yard and being out there with you when you’re doing things.

Rich, Becky, Roy, and Fransisco have all been amazing and so supportive and willing to help. Thank you all and what a difference a day makes…Dade went to explore the front yard this morning {the place where she got her first correction 2 days ago} totally aware of the flags but enjoyed snooping in areas she hadn’t before. 5 STARS for sure! Highly satisfied and recommend!


Judy Knight Stivaly

I just moved into a new home and after living overseas for many years our family and dog were adjusting to a whole new environment. Rich and the Hidden Fence company employees were all fantastic in helping us get our new system all set up. They provided comprehensive training and support throughout the entire process and answered so many questions about training in general. They were timely in their appointments, extremely efficient and kind. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing a hidden fence!


Patty DuCharme


Cindy Zimmer

I’ve already recommended Hidden Fence to several others. They did a great job. Great communication and training. Reed adjusted well. He loves running around the yard freely. We all couldn’t be happier. Thanks Hidden Fence!!


Susan Doll Marositz


Bautista Bautista Daniel


Juana Carrasco


Alireza Saremm

I have been a customer for 14 years and couldn’t be happier with the result of Hidden Fence! Not only have my dogs been able to enjoy the freedom that Hidden Fence provides but I can enjoy maximum interaction with my dogs anywhere on my property! Rich provides excellent training for quick learning and then my dogs are safe and free to enjoy the yard and have a wonderful life! Can’t be happier and would recommend Hidden Fence for all


Robert Reynolds

I am a return customer and can not say enough about Rich and his company! He is a stand-up guy! He spent hours in the heat today trying to fix my system for our new puppy! He was able to find what was wrong and fix it so I didn’t have to start from scratch! He understood our needs and was more than happy to accommodate us! Our first system was installed 10 years ago with my 2nd Golden and now we have our newest addition, Smokey! Can’t wait to get him trained and have peace of mind that he will be safe on our property! Thank you so much!!!!!


Barbara Sisco


Tammy Fazio

Great product, adapted week to our existing system. Wonderful training technique. Dogs responded well without negative reinforcement.


Christopher Fazio Vmd

To see your dog run free with you is the best gift you can give to your pet, Hidden Fence helped us to achieve this.



Our dogs have never been happier and we have never been happier!



Our underground pet fence System works great on our commercial farm. Our two Border Collies are out 24 hours a day and chase deer, groundhogs, crows, and geese year round…

A product that works this well in a commercial setting is easy to recommend and so is the great team at Hidden Dog Fence!

Kevin & Brenda Torster
SunHigh Orchards
Randolph, NJ
25 acres

Breeder of fine Brittany Spaniels (2007 update, currently has 24 Brittany Spaniels on Hidden Dog Fences at his 2 acre property)

We switched to Hidden Fence Company from Invisible Fence® brand underground pet fencing in 1998. Hidden Dog Fence products and service are outstanding.

I highly recommend Hidden Dog Fence Company to all of my clients!

Dr. Emile Berlet
Mahwah, NJ
Responsible for over 50 Brittany Spaniels on our Hidden Fence Systems!!

The training introduction was a lot of fun. I expected the dogs to be worried or upset but that didn’t happen. It was amazing to watch them have that much fun, then they wouldn’t go near the flags. Our dogs have very different personalities and their computerized collar settings were individually selected by the Hidden Dog Fence trainer. We were all worried the dogs would be ht by a car on Diamond Spring Road, but not anymore!

Sister Katherine
Saint Peters Orphanage
Denville, NJ
9 acres

In 1991 I had a hidden fence installed. This summer (2003) I updated my equipment. The techs that installed the equipment both the first time and the second were so helpful. The new smaller collar is great. Life is much more enjoyable for my dog and our family with the hidden fence!

Barbara Butta
Chatham, NJ
Our first client!
¾ acre

Our dogs love the freedom they get with their Hidden Fence. We trained our older dog with the older system, using a bigger correction. Both methods worked but wow, what a difference! Our dog responded really well to the new Gentle approach. We’ve had several underground pet fences installed, and we highly recommend the Hidden Dog Fence Company!

Bobbi Konowich
Wayne, NJ
4 acre

The Hidden Dog Fence Company installed our underground pet fence in 1992 for our 2 poodles. Over the years, we’ve moved the walkways, the wire, the building and redone the landscaping once or twice. The Hidden Dog Fence Company provides consistent professional service and our recently upgraded underground pet fence system works great and the collars are half the size of the old ones! We continue to recommend the Hidden Dog Fence Company to our friends and clients.

Sandy Stretton
Black River Grooming
Long Valley, NJ
2 acre

We loved the Hidden Dog Fence Company’s low stress training process. We have two big Labradors on a busy street. They learned the fence in a week and have been very happy with their newfound freedom. When our neighbors cut our wire, the Hidden Fence Company responded quickly. We highly recommend the Hidden Dog Fence Company and their underground fence systems!

David Bien
(973) 822-3682
Florham Park, NJ
½ acre

Bear, our Giant Schnauzer has moved with us to several new homes in the last few years. It’s so simple, the flags go up and Bear avoids them. We’ve moved 5 times in the last 10 years. We love the tiny new receiver. You’ve probably seen our paving trucks, Porchetta Paving, we know about contractors. The Hidden Dog Fence Company is outstanding. We highly recommend them.

Chris Porchetta
Martinsville, NJ
5 relocations in 9 years!!

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