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Pet Stop OT300 Identify your Collar Settings

   Posted on September 12, 2017   |   by Rich

Tagged with: correction levels, ot-300, receiver collars

This video will help you identify your Pet Stop collar’s current setting numbers. With thousands of possible settings, the intent of this video is to focus on the actual numbers that you can share with Hidden Fence Company for troubleshooting purposes.

There are 8 sets of numbered settings to identify.

**Our most common settings are 13, 22, 33, 41, 52, 61, 71, 81

This video walks you through the basic steps, also noted here:

1 Write down the number on the transmitter before you start so that you you know where that number should end up when you are finished.

2: Press the up and down buttons at the same time about 4 seconds until the number is 10 (if it was 10 before, the light will be brighter when ready), then release.

3: touch the up button 8 times, to 90. Then t0uch the middle button twice- first touch you’ll see 99 and second ouch will make the 99 blink.

4: While the 99 is blinking, hold the receiver close to the 99 until the receiver light stays on steady- then touch/release the middle button.

5: The hard part now. You can repeat this several times to get the settings you need, when the 99 is not blinking, touch the middle button to make it blink, then repeat step 4.

–The collar will beep once, watch the red light in the collar, and write down how many times it flashes. 1 beep, 3 flashes = 13

–Then the collar will beep twice, watch the red light in the collar, and write down how many times it flashes. 2 beeps, 2 flashes = 22

Follow this sequence when it beeps 3 times, 4 times, 5 times, 6 times, 7 times and 8 times. You will end up with a sequence like this:

13, 22, 33, 41, 52, 61, 71, 81

to share with Hidden Fence Company. Please do not make changes on your own to these settings!