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Pet Stop Charging Station Plus for EcoLite Rechargeable Collars

   Posted on September 11, 2017   |   by Rich

Tagged with: ecolite, receiver collars

If you own the EcoLite rechargeable receiver collar, there are two choices in rechargers. This model is the full featured Charging Station Plus.

The key difference between the two collars is in the feedback provided by the PLUS model featured in this video.

The Plus model tests the EcoLite receiver for all functionality every time the collar is charged, as long as there is some power left in the receiver when it is placed in the charger. To test a receiver with a dead battery, place it in the charge station to charge. When completed (you can test this after 20 minutes of charging) remove the receiver and then replace it back into the charger.

The Charging Station Plus will then test the circuit board and correction output of the receiver.