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Pet Stop OT300 Transmitter Signal Field Check and Change

   Posted on September 11, 2017   |   by Rich

Tagged with: fence boundaries, fence transmitters, ot-300

Check and adjust your Pet Stop OT300 signal field. This is a basic first step in troubleshooting any dog fence. And if you want to alter the distance from the wire where the pet is blocked, this video will show you how.

As a quick summary, check your signal field at the driveway, so you know exactly where the line is.

Hold the receiver 1′ off the ground and approach the wire from approximately 10′ away.

As soon as the collar beeps, back up to stop the beeping. Repeat this step until you have a good idea where the collar first activates and mark this spot.

Note the distance from the wire – average distance is 5-6′ and decide if you want to raise or lower the distance.

To raise or lower the distance from the wire where the collar will first beep, PRESS the middle button for 2 seconds. Then touch the up or down button to increase or decrease distance. Then repeat the steps above to check your distance. Repeat/adjust as needed.