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Winter Hidden Fence Installation

   Posted on January 3   |   by Rich

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Every winter, hopeful pet owners wait until the last minute to get their fence installed.

Puppy owners want to open the door for potty trips, but not to stand in the cold and wait. And of course, dogs need exercise all winter long anyway.

So we find ourselves racing to install fences before the ground freezes every year. Often, a blanket of snow will insulate the earth from freezing and prolong our installation season.

But we are there, between the amount of snow and the already frozen earth, is our installation season is over?

Or is it? In 1995, Hidden Fence Company became the first local pet containment team to provide ‘temporary’ winter installations, providing the basic needs for a fence to function with top laid wire. This approach has been very successful, each spring, we return to bury between 30-60 winter installations. Our approach has improved, as we had to solve issues with plows, and occasional other winter work in yards.

What have we learned? Since the company sees very little revenue through winter months, we perform the temporary installation at no added costs to consumers. There is more work on our side, but, winter revenue in this industry is worth it for us!

If you have been wondering about giving your pet the freedom of a Hidden Dog Fence, but the weather appears to be an obstacle, call Hidden Fence Company.

We will get a Hidden Fence installed for you, and help to get your dog trained using our wide range of winter training tricks!