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Troubleshooting the PetSafe® Pro 4 Prolite Receiver Collar

To troubleshoot the Pro4 Prolite collar, follow these steps:
When was the last time you replaced batteries? Batteries should be replaced with fresh 2032 coin cells at approximately 6 month intervals. While the low battery indicator will flash to let you know it is time, many owners miss the warning.
To check, hold your Pro4 right up to the face of the transmitter on the wall and move it around. If it beeps, your batteries are live and NOT a problem.

There should be 2 indicators:

  • POWER LIGHT must be lit. If it is not, check the outlet for power (use any power tool or lamp).
  • LOOP INDICATOR must be lit. (Some have loop 1 and loop 2, focus on Loop 1 for any outdoor system.)
If your transmitter lights are on, that is a primary indicator the transmitter is functioning properly.
(In rare cases, lightning can cause a failure where lights are on but transmitter is not working.)
Take the Pro4 to the edge of your driveway, where the wire crosses. Start around 12 feet from the wire, with the Pro4 near the ground (hold the nylon, not the metal probes!) and slowly move towards the wire. Properly functioning, the collar will begin to beep 4-8 feet before you reach the wire.


This is a common problem resulting in dog escapes. Because dogs respond to the tone so well, a 95% of the time contained dog may well have a loose collar, AND a dog may escape for the first time weeks or months after a collar has been loosened. (Which often baffles owners!)

CORRECTION LEVEL: Assuming the first 4 topics check out, and the dog has been properly trained and contained in the past, correction levels can be increased. This collar has 10 total levels, 2-5 are for training, 6-10 are for after training, long term maintenance. Consumers do not have access to the highest levels in these collars. If you are working at level 10 and having trouble keeping your pet home, rather than keep increasing levels, consider a service call and system check up by Hidden Dog Fence Company. While we “can” increase the levels, over 95% of the time, the solution is not higher correction levels. To check shock level: touch magnet to the small raised circle, pause until the light comes on, the remove the magnet. Count the flashes after you remove the magnet, that is the current level. To increase level: touch magnet to the small raised circle again, immediately. This time, when you remove the magnet, it will add one flash, one level has increased.
  • When you reach level 10, the next magnet touch will return you to level 1.
  • Levels can be changed only 1 at a time.
As with all troubleshooting, we recommend monthly testing
of a containment system’s components.
Common necessary tests: monthly, walk collar to edge of yard and listen for beeping about 6′ from wire. If collar is beeping 6′ from wire (held at dog neck height) then receiver BATTERIES are live, transmitter SIGNAL is good.
Common Battery Issues
  • During installation, make sure both batteries have the + symbol pointing in the same direction. Look for the + sign in the battery lid / battery holder for proper direction.
  • While Pet Safe “solved” the battery lids from falling off with a replacement battery lid with a screw in it, the screw is tiny and most owners found it less than an optimal solution, using a steel screw in a plastic battery lid. These special made hooded collars will keep your battery lid in the receiver.
  • If your collar has new batteries and strong magnet will not activate light, collar may have failed. can offer owners a trade in for a like or better identical product OR a great deal on our  Pet Stop products which are compatible with most brands products.

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