May 2023

Rocco from Wyckoff

Rocco is very nice and loves food and jumping. He has done well with the training and is ready to play in the yard!

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Ellie from Boonton

Ellie is doing great after her training sessions. She’s no longer tempted by children, other dogs or roast beef! She’s going to have a great summer.

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Tobi, Blue and Loki from Newton

At the second training, Blue was on level 7 and consistently backed away. He knows where the perimeter is and knows he gets treats when he backs off. Loki is on level 8 and backs off every time. Tobi is a bit cautious and we walked him around the safe areas of the yard. By the third training, all of the dogs were doing well staying contained. Way to go, boys!

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Giddy from West Caldwell

Giddy is very attentive during training and doing well avoiding the flags. He will be enjoying his yard with a little more training. And he’s such a beautiful boy!

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Duck from Mendham

Duck enjoyed a refresher training after having a wire break fixed. He’s still got it!

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Bilco and Wally from Bernardsville

Bilco knows the flags and perimeter very well. Wally knows the flags and backs off immediately. He’s avoiding and not making mistakes. They are both doing great!

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Stickers from Montclair

Stickers is doing great on a level 7 and is dragging the leash. She is ready for her third training. She is a good girl!

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Midnight from Denville

Midnight is doing great on a level 6 and will have her third training soon. What a good girl!

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Penny from Madison

Penny is doing great at level 2. She’ll continue with her training and will be enjoying her yard all summer long.

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Hunter from Randolph

Hunter had some prior training so he is already showing avoidance and is very happy to play. Way to go, Hunter!

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