June 2023

Leo from Hackettstown

Leo didn’t make any mistakes today. He was off leash and playing Frisbee. We tried to distract him with some treats as well, but he did perfectly. He’s all set. Way to go, Leo!

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Boo from Madison

Boo was previously trained on the fence. He’s not completely sure where the boundaries are yet so he is cautious. Boo is going to practice and will be enjoying the yard soon. Way to go, Boo!

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Rose from Morris Plains

Rose didn’t approach the flags today. We played, walked around the yard and fed her bacon. We also left her alone to walk up the street. She had no interest in leaving. She did everything perfectly and has successfully completed her training, Way to go, Rose!

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Billy, Pepper and Penny Kinnelon

The doggies from Kinnelon are now finished with their training. Billy backed off as soon as he heard the collar beep. Penny knows exactly where the boundaries are and avoids them. They now have all summer to explore the yard safely. Way to go!

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Goose and Guinness from Randolph

At the first training, Goose backed away from the flags some of the time. He is very food motivated and has lots of energy. Guinness is supervising the training and is proud of Goose’s progress.

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Katie and Teddy from Kinnelon

Katie is a bit nervous about training. We walked her around the yard and tried some toys and hot dogs. That helped a bit. Then we brought Teddy out, and she started to warm up a lot. Teddy backs off as soon as he hears the beep. They are a good pair and with another training, they will be enjoying the freedom of the yard.

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Pennie from Kinnelon

Pennie is nervous around new people and situations. During her second training, she is avoiding the flags. With a little practice and another training, she will be comfortable on the fence and enjoying her freedom. Good girl, Pennie!

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Mickey, Piper and Charlie from Clark

Piper was nervous at first and tested the flags a few times, so we spent a lot of extra time in the yard with treats. Charlie also helped her to keep calm. Charlie did wonderfully and didn’t get scared. He was backing off most of the time, and avoiding the areas he knew. Mickey did very well. He knows where the flags are and avoids them most of the time. All three dogs will get to enjoy the freedom of the yard!

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Lucia from Alexandria

Lucia was consistently backing off and avoiding the flags, but did run through a couple of times. She was on a long lead today and is very food motivated. With another training session and some practice, she’ll be enjoying her yard. Way to go, Lucia!

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Pepe from Pennington

Pepe is doing great and completely avoiding flags. He won’t cross for dogs or deer and didn’t make any mistakes for hot dogs! Pepe’s family will start to remove the flags. He’s a good boy!

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