Welcome to the Hidden Fence family, Dante!

We have a new member to the office dogs at Hidden Fence. Welcome Dante!

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Penny from West Caldwell

Penny is so happy to be trained on the Hidden Fence!

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Bayle from Haledon

Bayle is eager to get started on the Hidden Fence!

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Zevi in Roxbury

Zevi is exploring the boundaries on the driveway and in the yard. He’s already starting to back away from the flags!

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Lucy from Rockaway

Lucy has explored the yard safely with the Hidden Fence and is wiped out! What a day!

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Joey from Chester

Joey is happy with the Hidden Fence!

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Sam from Madison

Sam is relaxing in the yard after training.

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Sammy from Scotch Plains

Sammy is a great student!

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Murphy from Rockaway

Murphy knows his boundaries and likes to run up and down the hill.

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Winnie from Berkley Heights

Winnie is being trained with treats and is backing away from the flags.

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