Hidden Fence Training Gallery

Noli from Randolph and Ash the cat

Noli did great. She made one or two mistakes in areas she wasn’t as sure about, but immediately corrected herself and didn’t make the mistake again. She was off leash and playing in the yard. We walked up the road away from her and she stayed put. Great job, Noli! Noli’s friend Ash was supervising the training.

Tobi, Blue and Loki from Newton

At the second training, Blue was on level 7 and consistently backed away. He knows where the perimeter is and knows he gets treats when he backs off. Loki is on level 8 and backs off every time. Tobi is a bit cautious and we walked him around the safe areas of the yard. By the third training, all of the dogs were doing well staying contained. Way to go, boys!