July 2023

Lucy and Bella from Sparta

Lucy was more nervous than Bella, so we went slow and gave her lots of cheese and pets. By the time we finished, she was happily walking around the new areas where she felt safe. Both dogs were paying attention to where the flags were the entire time. With a little coaxing and lots of pets and treats, we got Bella to walk around the entire perimeter without her retreating or getting too nervous. We will continue to work like that with them until they start to relax. Good job!

Ponce and Caya from Montclair

Ponce is more sensitive to the notification and stayed motivated for the food. He was starting to back away when we finished with him. Caya started to notice the beep after a few minutes. She got hot quickly, and food isn’t her biggest motivator. Overall, a good first training session. Way to go!