Wally from Mount Olive

Wally listened to how the Hidden Fence works before going outside to give it a try.

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Bobo from Montvale

Bobo is so happy to learn the Hidden Fence!

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Bailey from Kinnelon

Bailey was scared after hearing the collar beep, so we focused on showing her safe areas of the yard. Then, she came inside and got a treat! Next time, we’ll return to the yard and show her the flags. Good first training, Bailey.

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Penny and Sadie from Wantage

Penny and Sadie were both backing away from the flags by the end of the training. Good job, girls!

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Whisky from Saddle River

Whisky did great checking out the boundaries and avoiding the flags consistently.

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Lincoln from Basking Ridge

Lincoln is learning the boundaries and the flag perimeter. Good boy!

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Jake from Union Township

Jake is doing great and very playful outside. He’s ready for fun!

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Stanley and his friend from Washington Township

Stanely and his friend are listening to the training lesson before heading out into the yard.

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Luna from Sparta

Luna is showing off her collar and using the long leash for training.

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Rosie from Washington Township

Rosie has done a terrific job training and is ready for playing in the yard. She also is a big fan of her trainer!

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