Owner’s Guide

Welcome to the Pet Stop Family

Congratulations on your purchase of a Pet Stop® Pet Fence System.
With proper training, both you and your pet will enjoy the system for years to come.

Unlike other systems, we designed Pet Stop from your pet’s point of view. Patented innovations like our exclusive Comfort Contacts® and the ever important SafetyStop® shut off feature, are just a few of the many unique features that are incorporated in your new Pet Stop, Pet Fence system.

For best results, please read this manual and all accompanying information in its entirety. If you have any questions, please contact your local Pet Stop dealer.

Your new Pet Stop equipment is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty that is available at
petstop.com/warranty. We suggest you print out a copy of this warranty and keep it in a safe place along with a copy of your sales agreement. These materials may be useful at a later date if or when you require service.

All of us at Pet Stop thank you for the opportunity to provide safety and convenience for both you and your pet. We sincerely appreciate your business.


  • DO NOT use this system for guard dogs or vicious animals. If you believe your dog may pose a threat to others, DO NOT USE THIS SYSTEM.
  • DO NOT use this system as a solid barrier. This product is a deterrent, meant to train pets to remain within an established boundary. It will not work without proper training.
  • DO NOT permit children to operate the system.
  • If you are unsure as to whether or not your dog will be suitable on a Pet Stop® System, please speak with your authorized Pet Stop® dealer.

Additionally, your system will not work unless you:

  • Adjust the collar snug enough for the contact probes to make contact with your pet’s skin, but not so tight that it will cause injury.
  • Replace or recharge the receiver battery as required. (See Receivers for details)
  • Contact your local Pet Stop dealer immediately if the boundary wire is cut or damaged in any way, so they can help you fix the break as soon as possible.
  • Train your pet properly. See the GentleSteps Training Section.

We do not recommend leaving your pet unsupervised while on the system.

To avoid possible neck irritation, always remove the receiver collar from your pet at the end of the day when your pet is inside. Check your pet’s neck frequently for any irritation.*
Changes or modifications to any component, not expressly approved by Perimeter Technologies, Inc. could void the user’s authority to operate this equipment
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