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PCC 200 Receiver
Frequency Programming
This programming option allows the user to switch the operation frequency from 7KHz to 4KHz in the unlikely case of signal interference from sources such as neighboring pet fencing systems. Your system has come preset from the factory on 7KHz where you are most likely not to encounter interference issues.
To change your frequency settings:
1. Press and hold both the top and bottom buttons marked SCROLL and SET on the wall transmitter simultaneously for 6 seconds. The transmitter display will first show “00” after three seconds. continue to press both buttons for another 3 seconds to enter frequency mode. Either “01” or “02” will be displayed on the wall mount transmitter.
2. Release both transmitter buttons. Press and release the SCROLL button to select desired frequency settings. The transmitter display will show the corresponding number with each button push.

01 = 7 KHz
02 = 4 KHz

3. Hold the pet fence collar receiver against the wall mount transmitter. The collar receiver light will illuminate and is ready to be programmed. Press and release the button marked SET on the wall transmitter.
The collar receiver light will flash the number corresponding to the level you have selected. When programming is complete the transmitter will return automatically to normal operation.