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Pet Stop® Receivers
All Pet Stop receivers provide safety and convenience for both you and your pet. The receivers allow your pet to go anywhere within the boundary you determine, without worrying about your pet experiencing an unintentional correction due to Radio Frequency (RF) interference generated by electrical appliances.
To accomplish this, Pet Stop uses a microprocessor (small computer) in the receiver which analyzes all incoming signals. When a signal is detected, the microprocessor analyzes it in a matter of milliseconds and determines whether it is the Pet Stop signal or a random RF noise. If the signal detected is the Pet Stop signal, the receiver first emits an audible tone and then administers a correction to remind your pet of its boundaries. If the signal is not the Pet Stop signal, the receiver disregards it. This signal processing eliminates false alarms which could confuse your pet and make training difficult.
Your Pet Stop dealer has set the receiver to the appropriate correction setting for your pet(s). Your Dealer will instruct you on the proper adjustment of the stimulation level during the training and maintenance phases.
Reaction Time
Pet Stop Smart Receiver collars react faster than any other brand of receiver. While the EcoLite Receiver reacts in just 80 milliseconds, the UltraMax® is not far behind. Don’t be fooled by fancy names or competitive claims. Only Pet Stop is engineered to be the safest and fastest receiver available.
TriScann® — a must-have to eliminate blind spots
Other receivers require the pet’s head to be perfectly straight and level when approaching the fence signal. Pet Stop is the first to offer a three-antenna receiver, which provides your pet with a full 360-degree reception of the signal, regardless of the collar position.
Safety Stop® — fail-safe feature to prevent continuous correction
We engineer for safety even against rare situations. In the unlikely event your pet gets caught and held within range of the signal field, the patented Pet Stop SafetyStop feature limits the correction to a maximum of 20 seconds. Frighteningly, other systems don’t include this fail-safe or they configure the receiver to cycle without end until the battery is depleted.
Correction Settings — three different modes
Only Pet Stop offers three different modes of correction, giving you complete flexibility in crafting the ideal system for your pet:
GentleSteps™ Mode for training
Progressive Mode to advance the correction level automatically
Over 30 different standard mode correction levels
Your dealer will help you select the mode best suited for your pet.
Smart Receiver® — DM Technology to avoid false correction
The Pet Stop transmitters and receivers work in conjunction to provide a pure signal free from interference and false corrections from other devices.
Stopper™ – effectively addresses escaping behaviors
This highly effective Pet Stop exclusive puts an end to attempting-to- escape issues by extending the correction for different intervals. This feature is for pets who have started to challenge their learning by exceeding their boundaries on a regular basis. This allows us to extend the correction for preset intervals to further reinforce the training and solve the problem of the chronic tester always trying to find a way to escape.
Attaching The Receiver
Attaching the UltraElite or UltraMax receiver to your collar is easy!
  1. Place the collar holes over the receiver inserts. Be sure the receiver case is on the outside of the collar.
  2. Install the plastic washers with the flat side toward the probes.
  3. Attach the probes by screwing them snugly (preferably by hand) into the receiver inserts.
Adjusting the Receiver Collar on your Pet
It is important that the probes sufficiently make contact with the dog’s skin. One finger should fit between the dog’s neck and a probe. Your Pet Stop dealer will demonstrate proper collar snugness. Be sure to check the collar every few days for proper snugness. Your dog will not feel a correction if the collar is too loose, and may escape from the yard. Always remove the receiver collar at the end of the day when your pet is inside.
Battery Replacement
(UltraElite, UltraTuff, UltraMax & PCC 200)
To replace the battery, remove the battery cover with any flat-head screwdriver or a coin. Remove the old battery and recycle it. Check with your local municipality for recycling options. Insert the new battery with the positive (+) end UP toward the battery cover. If you are uncertain which side of the battery is the positive side, look closely at the flat side of the battery. You will see a plus (+) mark indicating the positive end.
Comfort Contacts® Soft Tip Probes
Our Comfort Contacts probes are an important part of the Pet Stop system. In order for your dog to feel a correction the soft rubber probes need to make contact with the dog’s skin.
Gentle Spring Contacts
The internal spring mechanism reduces the pressure that can result from over-tightening the collar while ensuring constant skin contact. The spring allows the pet’s collar to move and flex as the pet turns its head or lies down. Gentle Spring Contacts come in a variety of sizes to accommodate almost every breed of dog or cat and guards against pressure necrosis.
Steel Contacts
We use surgical-grade stainless steel to create a standard contact suitable for just about any pet-boundary installation. Our Steel Contacts come in a variety of sizes to accommodate every breed.