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How the System Works

Here is a review of how it works:

A small wire, approved for underground burial, is buried just beneath the surface of your yard (indicated by the dotted line in the illustration).
This wire is connected to a small control unit called a transmitter, which sends a radio signal through the buried wire.
Your pet wears a special computerized receiver collar. If your pet gets too close to the wire, the collar beeps and administers a brief correction. In just a short time, your pet learns to respect the new established boundaries.
As you’ll discover, the Pet Stop system is designed to give your pet freedom to run and play in the yard while keeping him out of harm’s way.
If you have any questions about your new Pet Stop system,
please contact your local authorized dealer


Each Pet Stop®, Pet Fence System consists of a transmitter and at least one receiver.
The following pages will provide instruction on the operation of each piece of equipment.
All Pet Stop, Pet Fence products are sold as a system, and, while may feature one or more specific systems consisting of a particular transmitter and receiver, all our systems are designed to be interchangeable so that each Dealer has the flexibility of providing the best solution for your particular needs. Therefore, it is not uncommon for a Dealer to mix or match different products in order to design the system that is the best fit for you and your pet.
Pet Stop is fortunate to have a network of Dealers who are experts in this field. Each one can be relied upon to analyze and recommend solutions that are uniquely designed for you and your pet.
All the Pet Stop equipment incorporates a host of customizable settings to accommodate every breed and every pet disposition. Your Dealer is trained in how to use these settings to attain a smooth transition during training, and then finalizing those settings to ensure safe, comfortable and reliable containment.