September 2023

Dolly from Morristown

Dolly did a great job! She listened, learned about the location of flags and was trained using treats. Way to go, Dolly!

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Mickey from Hawthorne

Mickey is sensitive and doing very well. He was nervous at first but warmed up after spending time in the yard with roast beef. He was dragging the leash and wouldn’t approach the flags for roast beef or other dogs. Mickey is ready for fun!

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Comet from Cranbury

Comet did perfectly today. We practiced with some of his toys and meat. He was off leash and wouldn’t challenge or approach the flags. Comet’s family can start removing the flags. What a good boy!

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Shelby from Flemington

Shelby is finished with training, made no mistakes and showed avoidance for a dog and person outside the yard. Way to go, Shelby!

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Koda and Addie from Chester

Both Koda and Addie were training with their leashes today. Both dogs were on level 6. Addie got one correction and then avoided the flags. Koda backed off pretty consistently. After another training session, they did very well and are now contained in the yard. Way to go!

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Kona and Macy from Boonton

Kona and Macy are both on level 2 and practicing with their leashes. Macy has started to back off on her own and avoided a few times. Kona is starting to scratch and sit when she feels it, but not backing off yet. They are 3 months old, and very food motivated. They also get distracted easily and enjoy wrestling with each other. Macy has the lighter spots and Kona the darker spots.

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Puppy from Gillette

The puppy did awesome today! She is on level 3 and has started to back away. She is really friendly, has lots of energy, and is very food-motivated. Today, we used roast beef. She will progress nicely with practice and another training session. Way to go!

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Friends from Jefferson

Both dogs are doing very well. They didn’t test the flags for ham. Way to go!

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Miles from West Milford

Miles is doing very well and understands the visuals of the flags. He didn’t test the perimeter at the driveway and wouldn’t test for chicken either. He is comfortable in the yard. Good job, Miles!

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