September 2023

Sammie and Lilly from Califon

Sammie and Lilly are getting introduced to the fence.

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Alita from Hopatcong

Alita has completed her training and is now avoiding the line. She’s a good girl! Way to go, Alita.

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Bentley and Ripley from Hillsdale

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Boomer from Summit

We moved the line for the fence and Boomer got a refresher training with treats in order to test the line and learn the revised boundaries. Way to go, Boomer!

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Jax from Summit

Jax began as a shy dog but after training will not test the flags. Way to go, Jax.

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Maverick and Bodhi from Summit

Maverick was very excited and Bodhi was more interested. This was a good opportunity for a refresh of the flag and train.

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Nata from Wyckoff

Nata is very food motivated. She is shy at first but warms up quickly. The collar should be snug on the neck as shown here.

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Skyler from Madison

Skyler is paying attention and listening to the first training lesson. So cute, too!

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Loki from Hanover

Loki is really smart. He knew he was being trained and wouldn’t respond to cheese or other treats at the initial training. But, he warmed up after that and started playing in the yard. That’s a good boy!

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Beverly from Summit

Beverly is doing great! She is very energetic and food motivated. She’ll be off leash soon and playing in the yard.

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