September 2023

Shadow from Hardyston

Shadow made a couple of mistakes at first, but now is doing great with the family in the yard and in the street. Way to go, Shadow!

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Finn from Waldwick

Finn played ball and ate cheese and respected the flags. His friend Maverick was camera shy but is also training on the fence. Way to go!

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Coriander and Cilantro from Chester

Both dogs were great students! They were introduced to the new collars, trained with treats and long leads. They’ll be comfortable in the yard very soon.

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Marty and Oakley from Dumont

These two are great buddies! They are both trained on the fence.

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Chester from Mount Olive

Chester is in training on the Hidden Fence and looks forward to playing in his yard off leash soon.

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Max from West Milford

Max initially tested the boundaries but with training, he can now enjoy the yard safely with his ball. Way to go, Max!

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Daisy and Yuna from Chester

Enjoying the yard safely and not going after the deer! Way to go, Daisy and Yuna.

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Pippa from Randolph

Pippa is doing well with the training and is very food motivated. Good job, Pippa!

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Gatsby from Rockaway

First day of training and Gatsby is a good listener!

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Training in Mendham

Loving the yard in Mendham!

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